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'Women in Chains' - music video

Using a combination of hand drawn character animation and computer generated backgrounds this video was created for singer/songwriter Sam Tipper.

'Stealth' - short film

In this 5 min thriller we follow one continuous action sequence as Josh breaks in to a bank. He evades the patrolling guards by any means possible to get in. Once inside we find out why he’s really there…
Set in the heart of London this short film starts in the action and the sound track drives it non-stop to its ultimate conclusion. This film is currently playing at cinemas across the UK and has been nominated for the IMDB Best New Film-maker award. See NEWS for screening details and further festival info.

'Die Gier' - Greenpeace subvert

The brief was to make a 60sec film, highlighting Volkswagen's anti-green tactic at the time - despite promoting a green image eco friendly models only accounted for 6% of VW's sales, and behind the scenes they were aggressively lobbying against new EU emissions targets. Text had to be kept to a minimum, there was to be no dialogue, and it was to play on the existing VW advertising.
On top of all that there was only 2 weeks to make it! This film was selected for screening at The Curzon, Soho, London as part of the Greenpeace VW campaign.


Live action video for Italian artist Bottai. A simple story featuring an amazing skateboarder. Shot on location in the East End of London.


A tense, dark video for Bendall's Box. We follow the desperate journey of lead singer through the streets of East London.

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Music video to raise funds and support for Colour Rush event using track by band Bendalls Box.